Sometimes Two is Better Than One (Web) (2011, Nov 20).
Synopsis: A two-loan strategy can solve loan limit challenges.

TIC Loan Puts Residential Purchase in Jeopardy (Web) | (PDF) (2011, July 17).
Synopsis: Solved the challenges a currently held TIC loan can present when trying to finance another property.

Loan Changed Hands, Enabled Refinancing (PDF) (2010, June 27).
Synopsis: High loan-to-value refinance by taking advantage of Freddie Mac refinance option.

Just Approved (PDF) (2010, Feb. 07).
Synopsis: The Chronicle talks with James Argo about a recent purchase transaction.

Credit Report Triggers (PDF) (2006, Nov. 11).
Synopsis: An article about how the three major credit agencies will sell your personal information as a sales lead shortly after your credit report is pulled.

Deciphering Mortgage Points (PDF)
Lieber, R. (2006, Dec. 23 - 24). Deciphering Mortgage Points:
Research Shows Few Do It Right; Calculating the Unknown. The Wall Street Journal, pp. B1.

Where to Put Your Extra Cash (PDF)
Mincer, J. (2006, Dec. 23 - 24). Where to Put Your Extra Cash:
Paying Mortgage Early? Study Sees Benefit in 401(k) Focus Instead. The Wall Street Journal, pp. B4.