Necessary Documentation

After you have applied at the "Apply for a Home Loan" Page, please begin to gather the following documentation:

Income Verification for Salaried Employment:
1. W-2s for the past 2 years (clear legible copies).
2. Paystubs covering most recent 1-month period and reflecting YTD figures.

Income Verification for the Self-Employed Individual:
1. Personal 1040 Tax Returns – complete copies of the past 2 years, with new signatures (blue ink, please). Include copies of K-1s for any partnerships, trusts or Subchapter S corporations.
2. 1120 Corporate or 1065 Partnership Tax Returns – complete copies of the past 2 years with your new signature.
3. Year-To-Date Profit & Loss Statement with your signature and date.

Required Documentation for All Applications:
1. Copies of statements of your checking, savings, investment, retirement, mutual funds and/or IRA accounts covering the most recent two-month period.
2. Provide a clear, legible copy of your valid picture ID - for example, Driver's License, Passport, National Identity Card, Armed Forces Identification, Alien Identification or Mexican Matricula (now required by the Patriot Act).
3. If applicable, copies of Condominium CC&Rs, Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Current Budget Report, Master Insurance Policy and Homeowners Association
contact: Name:____________________________________ Phone:_______________
4. If applicable, copies of rental agreements for any rental units owned.
5. Personal Credit Report Fee of $18.50 (each borrower - unless married), payable to Real Estate Financial Services.
6. You may also expect to pay approximately $200-900 for the appraisal (depending on the size/value of the property).
7. Insurance Agent:______________________________Phone:___________________

For Purchase Transaction:
1. Purchase Agreement/Deposit Receipt. We must have a fully-executed copy, with all addenda and counter-offers.
2. Any inspection reports required by the purchase contract.
3. Landlord’s Name:______________________________Phone:___________________


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the foregoing, or the processing of your loan, please contact me at (415) 292-1999.